Gracie's Cancer Story
Her life. Her cancer. Our story.
Gracie's Cancer Story

Gracie was diagnosed       
with Histiocytic Sarcoma,
an aggressive lung cancer. 

Meet Gracie, a vivacious and lovable miniature Schnauzer with quite a story to tell and an usual battle with cancer to face.

Gracie was adopted from a pet rescue group in 1998 after a family brought her in to a Metro Atlanta vet to have her put to sleep because they no longer wanted to deal with taking care of her.  The vet, we're told by the pet rescue group, told the former owners they would take care of it. The family left and the vet turned Gracie (at the time she had a different name --Angel) to a local pet rescue group. That's where my good fortune with Gracie began.  I was lucky enough to connect with Gracie (who picked her own name with a bark when I was reading through a list of names) and it's been quite an adventure ever since.

Gracie has 2 brothers, Charlie and Bugsy, who are her companions and cheerleaders. She's about 11 years old and during the roughly 10 years we've been together she's made quite a few friends and fans.  Gracie has the ability to demand attention; she'll smack you with her paw so you rub her feet, she'll nudge you with her nose so you pet her and she'll look at you and bark until you give her some attention.  She can sing and carry on a whole conversation with you if you want to engage her. Gracie loves the park, loves to bark, will never turn down a treat if offered one, loves to go for walks and rides with her head out the window (she even has doggles to protect her eyes).

Now Gracie is faced with an aggressive type of lung cancer which is not only considered very uncommon, but is typically found in Bernese Mountain dogs....not Miniature Schnauzers. Since there is very little information about her cancer type and effective ways to treat it we've decided to share her chronicles in hopes of raising awareness and helping others that may have to face this ugly disease. Please join us in our fight, send others our way and watch Gracie's story unfold.  The more positive thoughts heading our way the better. Click on Gracie's blog below for regular updates, photos and videos of her treatment and beyond.

Gracie's Cancer Story
Atlanta, GA

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